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Choose the reality you wear.

Our mission is to provide Ukrainian customers with a new conscious consumer experience and to tell about sustainable fashion and slow fashion.

Sustainable or ethical fashion entails environmentally friendly production practices and materials, healthy and safe working conditions for employees at all stages of the supply chain, and fair pricing for the end user.

Slow fashion is a conscious approach to choosing your wardrobe, balancing textures and colors, combining new and vintage pieces, and investing smartly in quality clothes that last longer.

All brands represented in Soon Store comply with the standards of sustainability. In our store, you can find natural organic fabrics, newest environmentally friendly semi-synthetic and recycled materials, and clothes created based on the cruelty-free principle, that is, without harming the animals.

We support Fashion Revolution, the international movement whose aim is to promote conscious fashion and humanize the industry. The brands we represent in Soon Store use transparent manufacturing processes, and the customers can get any information about who, and in what conditions, made their clothing. The same applies to our retail operations. We are open to our customers.

We believe that beautiful, fashionable, and high-quality clothing can be created without much damage to the planet and human beings. We believe in ethical luxury and conscious consumerism, which is not harmful but, on the contrary, beneficial to everyone.

Some Theory 😊

Vintage and second-hand stores were the first to introduce Sustainable Fashion in Ukraine. They operate based on the R’s principle: reuse, reduce, recycle. We decided to choose the path that is best described by Vivienne Westwood’s quote: “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”

Why did we choose this path?


  • Fashion is among the three most polluting industries in the world
  • Every year the production of clothing consumes about 80 billion cubic meters of water, which is 32 million Olympic pools
  • Nearly 20% of the World Ocean pollution is the result of the processing and coloring of textile products
  • About 15 million textile workers in Asia do not have decent wages and safe working conditions
  • Every year 20 million tons of clothing end up in landfills

We hope that in the future there will be no need to separate ethical and non-ethical fashion and that sustainable production will not be an exception but rather a norm.

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Choose the reality that you wear

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Choose the reality that you wear

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